Clifton Larice Eddie Aka Fou Fou The Drummer

Clifton “Fou Fou” Eddie has been a drummer for70 years.The original drummer of the TommyHunt. Dells, Chi Lites also played with Patti La Belle & , O’Jays

Clifton “Fou Fou” Eddie began as a big band and jazz drummer but soon discovered he has the skills for the blues and pop music. He has played with the likes of The Dells, Patti La Belle and Tommy Hunt, along with his dear friend Preston Epps. After moving from his native Chicago, Fou Fou moved to Hollywood where he was often cast in movies and TV shows as, you got it, a drummer! Fou Fou can be heard on such songs as “Standing Ovation” by The Dells, “Hold On” by Tommy Hunt and “Ain’t Understanding” with Jerry Butler and Betty Evrette.

Bred in Illinois and refined in the music mecca of Chicago Clifton Larice Eddie aka Fou Fou the Drummer has had an ascending career in the music industry for over 60 years. Known by many but in skill is matched by few. You can currently see Fou Fou in the 2015 Oscar winning movie WHIPLASH starring J.K. Simmons & Miles Teller. To give you insight on the Man let’s talk about his legend which he has built in his own right.

In his High School days at Hyde Park High in Chicago; Fou Fou was the drummer for the Hi-Lites. Who later would come to international fame as the Chi-Lites. After Graduating High School Fou Fou decided to serve his Country in the Army which fate would have it enlisting took him to France in the 279th Army band. Through his time serving in France Clifton L. Eddie was given the nick name Fou Fou.
While stationed in 1963, in Paris, France at the famous Blue Note on New Year’s . He encountered the great Donald Byrd. He was asked by Donald Byrd to play with him, which would set the tone for his career from there on out. Two months after returning to states, in Chicago, he was asked by Tommy Hunt to be his drummer at the Budland Dance studio. The first gig Fou Fou played for Tommy Hunt was at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York. After a year playing for Tommy Hunt in 1965 Fou Fou was approached and recruited by the legendary DELLS.

He toured as THE DELLS drummer and band leader for four years. During his time with the Dells, Fou Fou became the stand by drummer for Patti LaBelle and the Ojays, playing multiple shows with these acts simultaneously. After those four years he then went on to go on a single tour with Jerry Butler. He went on to be a band leader and drummer for Betty Everett.

Fou Fou after his time with Betty Everett went on to join the group called the 3rd Creation which was arranged by Mark Davis. During the 1970’s, Fou Fou parted with 3rd Creation and went on play with such acts as Lead Feather , Dorsey Burnette , Tony Newton bassist of The Funk Brothers , Hodges James & Smith and then ended the 1970’s by joining the group called PG&E with Charlie Allen. Fou Fou went on hiatus until the 1990’s and continued onward as a freelance Drummer in the Music, Movie and TV Industries.

Since the end of his hiatus some of his most memorable experiences include various moments such as drumming for Solomon Burke in 1996, then in 2000 drummed with Michael Jackson’s Uncle Rock n Roll Hall of famer Preston Epps, Jerry Cole of The Wrecking Crew and Donny Brooks of hit song Mission Bells. Fou Fou also drummed with Cuba Gooding Sr. & Main Ingredients in 2003. In 2006 drummed for Guitar Jack Wargo at the Jimi Hendrix 64th Birthday memorial celebration at B.B. Kings club at the Universal City walk. From 2006 until 2014 was contracted to drum for Grammy Nominated Award Artist Ray Brooks & the Blues Masters.

Currently as of 2015 Fou Fou is forming a new band called “The Universal Blues All Stars” with Bobby “Hurricane” Spencer on Saxophone, Jimi Hockaday former Bass player for the Delfonics, and Jr Walker Jr. & the All Stars on Bass, James Hogan on Guitar. As an unsung living legend in music Fou Fou has recently been getting some of the recognition that is duly deserved such as receiving on May 10th an award from Los Angeles City Councilman , Felipe Fuentes, on his Fou Fou’s efforts in musical education in the Community. As well as a life time Achievement award from Youth organization Souljaz Of Christ on August 23rd 2014. And another award on August 30th 2014, from the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti also for his Efforts in Musical Education.