Ken Isted

Born in London 06.12.1946
Started playing drums on my fathers pre-war drum kit at the age of 5 years. Dad was a part time drummer in a dance band and drums were always around the house. I joined my first band in England in 1962 the bands name was “The Scorpions” (The. German Scorpions were formed in 1965 so we had the name first!). We played gigs
in and around London until touring American Military clubs in Germany from 1966 thru 1968. We were forced to change our name to “The Skor” as by 1966 the German Scorpions were already famous so we lost our claim to the name.
The Skor broke up in 1968 at which time I started playing with a German band named “The Modern Sounds” I left the band in 1970 to return to England. From 1970 thru 1974 I played jam sessions in pubs and did some studio session work in London.
I returned to Germany again in 1974 and played with a German band named “Channel Worker”, this was a blues-rock formation which was quiet successful. I have lived and worked in Germany since 1974 and played in several bands, some are listed below.

Channel Worker
Wolf and the Gang
B.K. Blues Band
Alma Project
Acoustic Café
New tricks

I have played with my current band New Tricks since 2012, the band is a trio made up of 3 Brits all living in Germany, we play Classic Rock Music.